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Democrat Golik endorsed by former GOP rival

Tony Golik

Tony Golik

Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik – a Democrat – has won a prized endorsement for his reelection from his former Republican opponent.
Republican Brent Boger – an assistant city attorney in Vancouver and a Washougal city councilor – faced off with Golik in the 2010 prosecutor’s race.
Today (July 14), Golik’s former rival became an ally when Boger endorsed Golik for reelection as prosecutor, passing over Republican prosecutor candidate Josephine Townsend.
“I’m very flattered to have his support…,” Golik said. “It obviously means a great deal to me.”
Since 2010, Boger said he’s been closely watching Golik’s work in the prosecutor’s office.
“I’ve observed what Tony has done in the last four years, and he has followed through with the promises he made, particularly the Elder Justice Center,” Boger said.
Understandably, Golik said, he is happy and proud to have earned Boger’s support.
“It’s an endorsement from a person who really understands the job, and I know has certainly paid attention to how the office is running since I was elected,” Golik said.

“He has a very good understanding of the position and what it takes to do the job because he thoroughly researched it, and I know he put in a great deal of thought before running (in 2010).”
Boger said his decision also was based on a comparison of Golik’s and Townsend’s professional experience. (Boger and Townsend worked together at one time in the Vancouver City Attorney’s Office.)
“The same argument Tony used against me four years ago to some degree could apply to her,” Boger said of Townsend. “I don’t believe she has any felony prosecutorial experience.”
In response to the endorsement, Townsend said: “I have not talked to Brent about the position in any detail. I think that it is always better to hear each person’s perspective about the position before endorsing.”
Boger said Golik is the first Democratic candidate he’s ever endorsed, albeit Boger now questions whether a prosecutor election should, in fact, be partisan.
Here is Boger’s formal endorsement:
“Today, I endorse Tony Golik for reelection as Clark County Prosecuting Attorney. I have never publicly endorsed a Democrat before, and I support the remainder of the Republican ticket this year. I endorse Tony now for professional reasons. There is not much partisan about the County Prosecutor’s Office.
Tony has done an outstanding job the last four years, including following through on promises he made four years ago when we both ran for the job. One example of this is the Elder Justice Center, which fulfills a critical need for our community.
Please, join me in supporting Tony’s reelection as Clark County Prosecuting Attorney.
-Brent Boger
2010 Republican Nominee, Clark County Prosecuting Attorney”


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