High School Sports

3A GSHL all-league girls track and field team

All-league team as voted upon by league coaches.

Track athlete of the year: Nicole Goecke, jr., Prairie

Field athlete of the year: Kiana Davis, sr., Kelso


Emily Morgan, jr., 100, Columbia River

Danica Person, jr., 100, Mountain View

Emily Morgan, jr., 200, Columbia River

Danica Person, jr., 200, Mountain View

Nicole Goecke, jr., 400, Prairie

Jamilee Iddings, so., 400, Kelso

Nicole Goecke, jr., 800, Prairie

Shawna Troupe, sr., 800, Kelso

Nicole Goecke, jr., 1,600, Prairie

Lindsay Tompkins, sr., 1,600, Prairie

Jamie Ferris, so., 3,200, Prairie

Lindsay Tompkins, sr., 3,200, Prairie

McKenna Emmert, sr., 100 HH, Kelso

Erykah Weems, fr., 100 HH, Hudson’s Bay

Brianna Sorensen, jr., 100 HH, Kelso

McKenna Emmert, sr., 300 H, Kelso

Erykah Weems, fr., 300 H, Hudson’s Bay

Brooke Williams, so., SP, Columbia River

Amica Cranston, sr., SP, Mountain View

Bailey Lindsley, sr., DIS, Mountain View

Amica Cranston, sr., DIS, Mountain View

Morgan Ambrose, sr., JAV, Columbia River

Mariah Horton, so., JAV, Kelso

Kiana Davis, sr., LJ, Kelso

Brooke Williams, so., LJ, Columbia River

Kiana Davis, sr., TJ, Kelso

Brooke Williams, so., TJ, Columbia River

Kiana Davis, sr., HJ, Kelso

Danae Lee, so., HJ, Hudson’s Bay

McKenna Emmert, sr., PV, Kelso

Elise Baron, so., PV, Kelso

Coach of the year: Joe Krieder, Kelso