High School Sports

3A GSHL all-league boys track and field team

All-league team as voted upon by the league coaches:

Track athlete of the year: Austin Blankenship, jr., Columbia River

Field athlete of the year: Peter Zalk, jr., Prairie


Marcus Gaylor, jr., 100, Columbia River

Colton Prestwich, sr., 100, Prairie

Marcus Gaylor, jr., 200, Columbia River

Jacob Austin, sr., 200, Prairie

Garrett Baltazar, sr., 400, Prairie

JaMariay McDonald, sr., 400 Prairie

Miles Park, jr., 800, Columbia River

Austin Blankenship, so., 800, Columbia River

Nick Hursti, jr., 1,600, Mountain View

Austin Blankenship, so., 1,600, Columbia River

Austin Blankenship, so., 3,200, Columbia River

Nick Mounier, jr., 3,200, Kelso

Peter Zalk, jr., 110 HH, Prairie

James Phillips, jr., 110 HH, Prairie

Mohamed Conteh, sr., 300 H, Fort Vancouver

Dominic Eros, jr., 300 H, Mountain View

Joseph Keller, sr., SP, Columbia River

James Niemela, jr., SP, Columbia River

Ryan Tonder, sr., DIS, Mountain View

Jason Bracken, jr., DIS, Prairie

Tanner Hendrickson, jr., JAV, Kelso

Andrew Almquist, sr., JAV, Kelso

James Phillips, jr., LJ, Prairie

Ryker Gilbert, jr., LJ, Mountain View

Somit Chhim, jr., TJ, Kelso

Jacob Ringold, so., TJ, Columbia River

Mason Pack, jr., HJ, Prairie

Jason Bracken, jr., HJ, Prairie

Peter Zalk, jr., PV, Prairie

Luke Middelstadt, jr., PV, Prairie

Aleksandr Salfetnikov, so., PV, Prairie


Coach of the year: Curtis Crebar, Prairie



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