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Crain creates commotion, claiming calumny

Shortly after Tuesday night’s election stories began appearing online, freeholder candidate Carolyn Crain appeared in The Columbian comments section to make some bold claims.

But the comments weren’t about her recent loss to Val Ogden for freeholder District 3, Position 2. No, this was about a lie! About slander! About fraud! About liable? Okay that’s probably not what she meant to type, but whatever. Let’s take a look:


Let’s see what the story said that got Crain making all kinds of legal claims she spelled mostly correct. From the article: “Stewart, Turlay, Doan and Decker received support from a PAC called Vancouver Vitality, which raised about $116,000, according to the most recent figures from the state Public Disclosure Commission.”

If only there was a way to know the truth! Oh, wait, there is.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Oh look, it’s Vancouver Vitality supporting Doan. Just like the article said.

Erik Hidle

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